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The Bahamian dollar is equivalent to the US dollar. Both are accepted throughout the islands. ATM, credit card, and wire transfers are subject to the bank fees. There are no ATMs or banks on South Andros island.

Time zone

Eastern Standard Time


From Nassau Intl Airport (NAS) it is a 20 minutes flight to South Andros via Mangrove Cay Airport (MYAB / MAY) or Congo-town Intl Airport (COX / TZN).



Resort address

Tiamo Resort
Driggs Hill
South Andros Island, Open delivery box
The Bahamas (no zip code)

Non-stop flights to Congo Town Intl Airport on South Andros Island (COX / TZN)

Fort Lauderdale Excutive Airport (FXE) : Watermakers Air
Nassau - Lynden Pindling Intl Airport (NAS): Western Air

Non-stop flights to Mangrove Cay Airport (MYAB / MAY)

Nassau - Lynden Pindling Intl Airport (NAS): LeAir, Flamingo Air

Airport on South Andros Island / Hotel transportation

Roundtrip airport transportation to and from the Tiamo Resort costs $150 per person, Driving time from the airport to the Tiamo Resort is approximately 15 minutes, plus 10 minutes by boat. There is no road access to Tiamo resort.

Items not included in in rate

Alcohol, spa treatments, room service, and some activities, premium soft drinks.

Dinner reservations

Our restaurant does not require advance reservations. No outside guest are allowed without prior reservation, which must be made 24 hours in advance, subject to availability.

Cellular phone usage

Tiamo is covered by the local operator. Foreign operators are allowed with roaming rates that depend on your contract. WiFi covers the resort and allows Internet connections and calls via data such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, etc.

Passport requirements

Effective January 23, 2007, passports are now required for persons of all ages, including U.S. citizens, returning to the U.S. from ALL international destinations. Birth certificates with photo ID are no longer acceptable in such cases as The Bahamas, Mexico, and Canada. The new passport regulation does not apply to U.S. citizens returning directly from U.S. territories such as Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Drinking water

Our water is generally safe to drink. Though it can sometimes smell of sulfur, it is 100% natural and non-calcareous, direct from our well. Quality bottled water is available for free and mineral water is for sale throughout the hotel at the bars, restaurant, and in the mini-bar.

Tipping and gratuity

Resort packages already include the 12% VAT which includes taxes and fees but does not include gratuity for the hotel services, or the energy surcharge. Any extra services that you may purchase, such as meals, will have a 10% gratuity automatically included within the bill.

Business center

Located within the Library, our Business Center provides self-serve computer rentals, laser and ink jet printers, a laptop docking station, and Internet connection.


Cribs are available on request.

Stroller rentals

Not available.

Handicap accommodations

Not available.

When is the cheapest time to book the Tiamo Resort? Is there an off season?

Tiamo Resort off-peak seasons are November – December before Christmas. January-April is peak season. May-August is semi-peak season. Holiday periods such as Christmas/New Years, Thanksgiving, Presidents Week, Easter Week, and Spring Break should be booked well in advance.

Dietary needs

Tiamo Resort offers dining options that cater to special dietary needs. Guests who require special attention to their diets should provide the Chef’s Office with full details for special requests at least two weeks prior to arrival. On arrival, a culinary executive will arrange the times and locations for requested meals. Meals will be carefully prepared concerning food allergies or dietary restrictions.

Early arrival and late departure

Depending upon availability and on request only we can arrange early arrival or late departure, an extra charge per hour of $200 will be applied. In this case, breakfast is $45, lunch $75 and dinner $115 per person without drinks.

What about mosquitos, sandflies and bugs?

All exotic destinations and islands including the Bahamas have native insects. We spray and protect as much as possible at Tiamo but mosquitos and bugs have been here before your arrival and will stay after you leave. In our villas some complementary bug spray and skin protection will be at your disposal.


Standard North American 120-volt/60-cycle AC electrical outlets


Summer: 80-95ºF / 25-35ºC
Fall/Winter/Spring: 70-77ºF / 20-25ºC
Hurricane season is officially June 1st to November 30th although the peak is approximately mid-August to mid-October.


Following British rules, we drive on the left side of the road. No road on the property and to access it.

Drinking/Gambling Age

Majority at 18 years old

Resort Local Phone

From USA: +1 786 374 2442

Non-stop flights to Nassau Intl Airport (NAS)

Please refer to the information on our Flight Assistance page.

Day passes

Available for visitors. Provides guest access to the pools, beaches, and non-motorized water activities for the day. $95/person including lunch and not including transportation. Arrival after 10am and departure from resort before 5pm.

Is Tiamo Resort an all-inclusive resort?

NO ! Choice with or whithout Meal Plans.  
Buy on property
- Breakfast $ 20.50 per person daily (à la carte
- Lunch $ 55.00 per person daily / Daily menus with 3 courses
- Diner $ 61.00 per person daily / Daily menus with 3 courses

Off-property excursions

Tiamo resort offers a variety of off-property excursions including scuba diving (PADI), Offshore fishing, Bonefishing, Inland Safari, Boat trips, and more.

Shuttle boat service

Shuttle boat service is offered if used during Tiamo resort boat schedule to facilities around Tiamo Resort, for service outside of the Tiamo boat schedule we charge extra cost $150 roundtrip per person. Not available by night.

Travel insurance

Not included in night rates.

Age restrictions

Guests must be 18 years of age or be accompanied by at least one adult age 18 or older. Occupants under 18 are permitted to have their own room however the accompanying adult is required to reside in the same villa.

Internet access

Wireless (WIFI) service is available in all villas, the lobbies, lounge areas, and pool decks. Rooms (included in our Resort Fees $ 15 per adul daily)


In-room babysitting services are available. All babysitters are CPR-certified. A maximum of four children are allowed per sitter and there is a three hour minimum requirement. Cancellations must be received at least three hours in advance. Guests calling in advance to book babysitting may do so one week prior to travel.

The following rates subject to change: 
Rates per hour until 10pm – $25 per hour for 1 child, $10 per hour for each additional child.
After 10pm – $30 per hour for 1 child, $10 per hour for each additional child.

Wheelchair & mobility scooter rentals

Not available.

What is the dress code at the restaurant?

The dress code is casual. Jackets are not required.

What are the restaurant's hours?

Tiamo resort offers food and beverage service, included room service, from 7.00 am to 9.30 pm.

What about casinos and night life?

Tiamo resort is a secluded and private island in the heart of the Bahamas, far away from these types of distractions. Our entertainment starts with the sunset just in front of the resort, followed by the starlight and a gorgeous Milky Way made clear by zero light pollution.

Check-in, check-out time?

Tiamo resort villas and room are available after 2.00 pm fro check-in & check-out is 11.00 am. Early arrival or late departure can be requested.

Can I bring some shells?

It is not permitted to pick up or disturb the marine life and ecosystem. Please do not disturb the star fish (we have a lot in front of the resort on our private beaches). The seashells are also an essential part of the marine life. Thank you for respecting the delicate and unspoiled wildlife on our beaches.

Will I see sharks while swimming?

Tiamo resort is located 10 minutes from the third largest reef in the world so marine life here includes plenty of colorfully fishes, shells, corals, and sharks. The local sharks are less dangerous than a common dog. If you do not swim with fishes in your swimsuit pockets, the shark will not bother you as they are naturally fearful. We encourage you to go diving or snorkeling with our dive instructor to meet this beautiful animals.

Our special offers

relaxing vacations, One Night deposit, balance due only three days before your trip*

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relaxing vacations, One Night deposit, balance due only three days before your trip*

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Driggs Hill – South Andros Island The Bahamas

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