Tiamo, The Quintessential Unspoilt Luxury Island Hideaway In The Bahamas


As well as playing under the water, you can also enjoy some quality leisure time on the water with the use of one Tiamo’s fleet of boats. Our trimarans are the perfect vessels for you and your partner to jump onboard and have a leisurely sail around the calm, sheltered South Bite waters. Our boating experts will give you a quick lesson, and then away you go. The trimarans are easy for beginners to handle, and are incredibly stable so that you have no danger of capsizing. Once you’re out on the quiet waters, lie back on the hammocks slung between the outriggers and soak up the sun and serenity as you gently sway to the rhythm of this most serene of seas.

Alternatively, join our Nature Concierge as they take you on a guided kayak trip along the bite, where you’ll explore the fascinating coastline. Find yourself seemingly hovering on the glass-like waters over the fish-filled shallows below. Stop and snorkel at The Crack, a natural crevice in the limestone bed that a plethora of aquatic creature call home, or go on an even more adventurous expedition down the salty creeks and mangroves of the island’s wilder west coast, where you might encounter turtles, saw fish, and seabirds.