Tiamo, The Quintessential Unspoilt Luxury Island Hideaway In The Bahamas

Our Beach

Our beach is classic Caribbean – the Bahamas at its best. The white of Tiamo’s long private expanse of sand sits in beautiful contrast to the surrounding shades of tropical green palms and vivid Caribbean blue. Take a stroll, then find a secluded spot to settle in – not a difficult task with around 20 guests staying at the resort at any one time. Then put up a shade and stretch out on one of our comfy loungers, or flop into one of the relaxing hammocks. If you’re thirsty or hungry, simply raise a flag and our beach butler will attend to your requirements. Your next challenge is to see how long you can resist the lure of taking a dip in the warm shallows that lap up against the shore. The clear waters of the South Bite are perfect for swimming in, and the chances are the only other presence in your vicinity of the water will be a colorful anemone or passing angelfish.

Should you wish, you can even take a launch to Tiamo’s private cove, further along the coast. Here you can relax in complete seclusion in the day or the evening. Have a picnic lunch or dinner, and enjoy the feeling of being truly alone and at one with nature. When you’re ready to return to the resort, simply call up the launch and we’ll be right there to collect you. Sheer barefoot luxury and a must for honeymooners.