Tiamo, The Quintessential Unspoilt Luxury Island Hideaway In The Bahamas

Eco Chic Resort, Save The Environment

Our secret Place located in the biggest island in The Bahamas, in front of the 3rd biggest reef of the world and near by the West Side National Park.(The biggest national park of the Country)

  • Enjoy during your stay 1/2 day or full day boat excursion to discover this part of Island (meet Dolphins, Turtles, Sharks, Stingrays….)

Andros Island is also a Paradise for animal and flowers. Lot of species took refuge in our surrounding. Take a time to observe our environment, you will see 300 different species of birds like a Great Lizard Cuckoo, Bahama Wood-star or the Cuban Pewee and more….

You will meet our friends staying with us, “Ponpon” a Reddish Egret our guardian of the beach with his Seagull’s friend”Chip & Dale”, and also our famous Rock Andros Iguanas under the name : “Salvage & Big Boss & Agnes”, endemic species From Andros Island.

Feel free to use our Paddle Board or Glass Kayak to visit the area, you probably will have opportunity to see lot of Stingray, Star-Fish, Tarpon and more.

  • Enjoy daily free snorkel trip to discover some Blue-hole, the 3rd biggest reef, and why not start Scuba-Diving course (PADI Dive Center on property “Ambassador for Longitude 181”)

Tiamo Resort is a haven of peace where we live in accordance with the nature around us. We are luck to have lot rare species of animals living with us and allowing us to share this secret place with them. Respect the environment is a guideline and we always try to find how improve or sustainability. Living on the 3rd biggest coral reef of the world is essential for us to help the local community to preserve this natural treasure. In the contest we try to have no impact on this area.

  • Ecological products for housekeeping
  • Solar Panels
  • 100% LED on property
  • Ecological bathroom amenities
  • Solar Water heaters
  • Linen & Towel Reuse program, and if you request; No housekeeping service during your stay, you receive $5 hotel credit for help us .
  • Salt Water System in pool
  • Energy efficient for : freezer, cooler, pool pump, reverse osmosis, Air conditioning
  • Hiring 100% from local community
  • Use Seasonal production for vegetables and fruits, Purchasing of local goods and services.
  • Composting for our garden and farm
  • respect sea-food season, example lobster reproduction, Size of Fishes and Conchs

It’s our role in taking care of the natural environment by educating our staff and guests, we are lucky to see this , keep the same Earth for the next and next generation.

Protect the earth for the future ! together !