Our resort is perfectly placed to take advantage of the calm Caribbean for some wonderful water sports activities.

water skiing, wakeboarding...

For divers, a spectacular reef awaits just offshore, while the calm, colorful shallows are a paradise for snorkeling, doing paddleboard or a ride with a transparent canoe.

Above the water, this Bahamian island lends itself to some classic sailing experiences and access to world class fishing , while the interior of South Andros is a haven for exploring one of Caribbean’s most pristine tropical wilderness areas.

Go Fishing In Andros

A lack of boat traffic on its waterways makes Andros the spot for bonefishing in the Bahamas. But save time for snorkeling, too. Flipper-kick your way around the reef system to spot coral of all types, including staghorn, brain and elkhorn coral. In addition to bonefish, keep your eyes peeled for yellowtail, angelfish, grunts, and trumpetfish.