Crystal clear waters,

the world’s third-largest barrier reef,

and the Famous Blue Hole.

Tiamo offers fantastic diving thanks to our on-property PADI Center. Our local reef runs parallel to the coast of Andros for 140 miles and access to its edge is only a 10-minute boat-ride from our resort. The eastern side of the reef wall drops down a spectacular 6,000 feet into "The Tongue of the Ocean" between Andros and Nassau, offering simply breathtaking the marine life.

Certified or Not Certified

The waters of these parts of the Bahamas have been featured in some famous movies too, including a number of films in the James Bond series, and evidence of these shoots can be found underwater in the form of wrecks formed by props. You can explore all of this under the careful guidance of our fully qualified PADI dive master who’ll help you get the most out of your time in the amazing underwater world of the Bahamas. You can also pass your PADI levels while visiting.

              Scuba Diving  Included Full Equipment Rental & Boat Fees*

$ 120 – Bubblemaker in swimming pool / 2 hours

$ 110 – Refresh – Mandatory if last dive was 6+ months ago (Logbook required)

$ 115 – 1 tank dive

$ 215 – Two tank dives. Two tank dives are counted as two successive dives

             PACKAGE* Minimum Open Water Level (PADI Numbers required or equivalence)

$ 580 –   6 dives package / Minimum 2 successive dives

$ 860 – 10 dives package / Minimum 2 successive dives

ADVANCED DIVING, not available as Dive Package:

$ 215 – Inland Cave "Blue hole”- ½ day cave excursion (Boat & taxi)

$ 250 – Oceanic cavern + reef (2 successive dives)

$ 200 – Night Dive, 1 tank

$ 250 – Sunset Dive & Night Dive (2 successive dives)

PADI COURSES* available for junior min 10-years-old (excluding book and certification)

$ 225 – Discover Scuba Diver Course     1/2 day            1 dive

$ 450 – Scuba Diver Course                  2 days              2 dives

$ 750 – Open Water Course                  3 days               4 dives

$ 150 – Adventure Dive                       1/2 day             1 dive

$ 400 – Adventure Diver Course           2 days               3 dives

$ 625 – Advanced Open Water course 3 days               5 dives

$ 750 – Rescue Diver Course                3 days

On request - Dive Master Course         Min 25 days


$ 80 - PADI Manual

$ 20 - PADI Certification

$ 15 - DSD Booklet

*PADI Rules. Some dive exercises are in swimming-pool and/or in confined shallow water in front of the hotel

* If for reasons beyond our control, the package does not cover dives, we charged buy units/ tanks

* Mandatory, a single surcharge of $35/ tank applicable


Go Fishing In Andros

A lack of boat traffic on its waterways makes Andros the spot for bonefishing in the Bahamas. But save time for snorkeling, too. Flipper-kick your way around the reef system to spot coral of all types, including staghorn, brain and elkhorn coral. In addition to bonefish, keep your eyes peeled for yellowtail, angelfish, grunts, and trumpetfish.