Here at Tiamo Resort we are committed to restoring our Coral Reefs and have our very own Coral Nursery growing Critically Endangered Staghorn Coral just a short boat ride from the resort.


Coral Reefs are in danger.

Our coral reefs are disappearing. About 50 percent of the world’s coral reefs have already been lost or severely damaged. Many studies over the last 5-10 years are indicating all reefs at risk of loss by 2050. Coralreefs are some of the most biologically rich and economically valuableecosystems on Earth. They provide food, jobs, income, and protection tobillions of people worldwide. However, coral reefs and the magnificentcreatures that call them home are in danger of disappearing if actions are nottaken to protect them. They are threatened by an increasing range of impactsincluding pollution, invasive species, diseases, bleaching, and global climate change. The rapid declineand loss of these valuable, ancient, and complex ecosystems have significant social,economic, and environmental consequences around the world.


Coral Restoration

One way to help coral nurseries recover is through growing coral fragments in a nursery and then plant them back onto the reef particularly in areas that have been stressedor damaged. Our Tiamo Coral Nursery contains 5 nurseries each growing 50fragments of critically endangered Staghorn Coral (Acropora cervicornis). Wemaintain the nursery by keeping the structures clean from algae, sponges andother things that may grow as to keep the coral safe from harm and to allow itto grow more quicker than in the wild. Once the corals are large enough, we cutpieces off and plant them back onto nearby coral reefs to help the naturalrecovery of the species and to provide critical habitat for marine life.


Become a PADI Reef Rescue Diver and help at our Coral Nursery!

During your stay with us you can become involved and certified in coral restoration by taking our PADI Reef Rescue Diver Specialty Course. You will learn about coral nurseries, including essentialfacts about coral reefs, threats facing corals, coral nurseries function andhow to maintain coral nurseries with two dives assisting at our nursery.


The course takes just one day with a Reef Rescue Presentation by our Dive Instructor followed by two coral nursery dives.

$300 – PADI Reef Rescue Diver Specialty Course – 2 dives

$20 – PADI Certification Card

To participate in the course, you must be minimum Open Water Certified and at least 12 years old.


Reef Rescue Network

 Our coral nursery is part of the Perry Institute for Marine Science ‘Reef Rescue Network’ who are committed to reversing the decline of our coral reefs. If you wouldlike to contribute to helping restore coral reefs please click this link to donate to their work

Go Fishing In Andros

A lack of boat traffic on its waterways makes Andros the spot for bonefishing in the Bahamas. But save time for snorkeling, too. Flipper-kick your way around the reef system to spot coral of all types, including staghorn, brain and elkhorn coral. In addition to bonefish, keep your eyes peeled for yellowtail, angelfish, grunts, and trumpetfish.