Tiamo, The Quintessential Unspoilt Luxury Island Hideaway In The Bahamas


3 Ways At Tiamo…

Choose the safari that fit your desire. Feel like an explorer with the inland safari or in the sea safari. Otherwise, pick the on the sea safari to visit a grand nature aquarium of The Bahamas.

On The Sea 

A half day excursion on a boat taking you West through the Southern Bight to the West side of Andros. This is Mangrove habitat providing a nursery to a host of marine species from sharks, turtles, dolphins and on rare occasion the elusive saw-fish. See a grand nature aquarium of The Bahamas.


Spend your morning on a private snorkeling trip with our marine biologist to some spectacular local blue holes or shallow inlet reef spots. Encounters with stingray, baby sharks and barracudas are not uncommon with very large schools of snappers, grunts and jacks on almost every excursion.


A rare opportunity our guests have to experience a real piece of pristine Caribbean wilderness. The resort sits on the east coast, but out to the west, away from the beaches, lies a few hundred square miles of bewildering natural environment. Our Nature Concierge will take you on a fascinating trek through the wild side of South Andros before taking a break in a inland blue hole.