Tiamo, The Quintessential Unspoilt Luxury Island Hideaway In The Bahamas

Nature Tours

One of the added bonuses of staying at Tiamo is the rare opportunity our guests have to experience a real piece of pristine Caribbean wilderness. The resort sits on the east coast, but out to the west, away from the beaches, lies a few hundred square miles of bewildering natural environment. If you’re keen to take advantage of this unique habitat right on the resort’s back doorstep, our Nature Concierge will take you on a fascinating trek through the wild side of South Andros. You’ll encounter some rare and memorable sights. Look out for the resident rock iguanas that call South Andros home, and see how many of the island’s 330 bird species you can identify. You can also go on an orchid hunt, with 20 varieties of the wild flower found here. Larger seabirds such as egrets and herons nest and circle around the coastal mangroves, and beneath the waters on the west coast are dozens of fish species, including snapper, nurse sharks and saw fish. You can also use our guide sheets to go off on your own along a marked trail, keeping your eyes peeled for sightings of scuttling land crabs and those camouflaged iguanas. Nature at its breathtaking best.